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My Mobi will not work



Before first using them, the MOBI and pen should be charged for about 12 hours. Whenever the Tablet battery is low and needs to be recharged, the Tablet Battery Status Icon will display as an empty battery.

  • Place the Interactive Pen in the Pen Slot.
  • Connect the Mini USB Cable to the Mini USB Port at the top of the Tablet.
  • Plug the Cable into a USB port on your computer.

    Note: The Interwrite Mobi can be used while it is charging.When the Tablet and Pen are charged and the Battery Status displays that it is charged, unplug the Charger from the Interwrite Mobi.Press the Power Button when the Interwrite Mobi is charged.Note: Be sure that the plastic tab that separates the battery from the contacts has been removed. This will prevent the MOBI from charging. Note: Occasionally the MOBI's battery will not make a solid connection with the internal contacts. This may also interfere with charging and normal operation. Ensure that the battery contacts are not bent or misaligned.

Charging the pen

 The Pen can be charged only when it is placed in the Pen Slot in the Tablet, and only when the Tablet is being charged. A Pen charge lasts over 40 hours. You should always charge the Pen when the Tablet is being charged. When charging, the pen charge indicator should light. If this is not the case, and other MOBI tablets are available, try charging a the pen in a different MOBI and try charging a different pen with the MOBI in question. This can determine whether the MOBI's charging socket is faulty or if the pen itself is defective.

Note: The mobi pen will always charge. It will never reach 100% capacity, so the charge indicator is correct. You?ll see this with the pen charging station with the Dualboard as well; the charging indicator (LED) will always stay on.


The MOBI will not be detected by the Device Manager unless it is on and has been paired with the receiver. Ensure that your MOBI is on and complete the following steps to connect the MOBI to the computer.

  • Insert the RF Workspace Hub into the USB port on your computer. Your computer will automatically detect the USB devices.
  • The blue LED on the WorkspaceRF Hub will light up when it is plugged in.
  • Press the lighted Activation button on the RF Hub. The blue light will start blinking.
  • Turn on the MOBI.Turn the MOBI over and press the blue button next to the battery opening to activate the MOBI's RF signal.
    Note: You have two minutes to press the Activation button on the MOBI.

    The activation button on the Workspace RF hub:


Device Manager

Connections with MOBI tablets are managed by the eInstruction Device Manager. If changing the preferences are required for the Mobi, use the eInstruction Device Manager. Make sure the Interwrite Mobi is powered on. Complete the following steps to view the Device Manager:

  • Click the eInstruction icon in the System Tray on the Windows Task Bar to display the Device Manager menu.
  • Click Device Manager. The eInstruction Device Manager window opens.
  • Use the icons or Options menu to view or change the preferences on the MOBI.

From the Properties dialog, one can rename the connected MOBI tablet, check the firmware revision, map the pen buttons and softkeys, and map the device to a specific screen in multiple monitor setups. In addition, log files can be accessed from this window. These can be useful in troubleshooting connection issues.

Pen Issues and Troubleshooting

If a pen will not write, be sure to check the following:

  • The MOBI is connected to the PC via RF or USB
  • The pen is fully charged.
  • The pen is "awake." After approximately 2 minutes the Interwrite pens will go into a sleep mode and must be reactivated by gently pressing down on the stylus or pressing one of the mouse buttons.
  • Check the proximity indicator for pen failure. If you touch the pen to the pad and it fails to show indication of proximity on the screen, proceed to test the pen. This is more effective testing against a known good working Mobi Pen.
  • If the user is still experiencing issues with the pen, have them test it with another tablet or whiteboard if one is available. This can help determine whether the pen or tablet is at fault.
  • Charge the pen for several minutes in another charger. If this works, then the MOBI's charging socket may be faulty.
  • If after testing the pen with several devices and chargers, it still will not function, the pen is likely faulty and will need to be replaced. (If pen is under warranty this can be arranged through eInstruction Technical Support.  Contact information is below.) 
  • If the pen works, then there may be an issue with the MOBI itself.

Testing the Pen Battery
The green object is the battery. It is a half-cell AAAA NiMH battery.The end cap (flat end) of the pen can be removed by pressing the notch between the charging rings and the flat end and sliding the cap off. Then follow these steps:

  • Gently remove the battery, wait a few seconds, checking for any disconnection or corrosion and replace the battery without replacing the end cap.
  • Face the pen so the blue stripe is facing you.
  • Depress the rocker switch on the pen and you should see a red light flash 4 times in between the charging rings where there is a small dark spot. Flashing indicates a good battery. No flash indicates the battery or its connection to the pen has failed.
  • At this point the battery itself is in question.
  • Follow the same steps to remove the end cap from the known good working pen and replace the suspected bad battery with the known good battery and depress the rocker switch again. The light between the charging rings should flash.
  • If it does not flash this indicates a bad pen.
  • If the light flashes, the battery is bad and can be replaced.  eInstruction Technical Support can assist you with how to replace the battery if needed.  (See contact information below.)
  • Be sure to replace the end cap of both pens carefully as they may not seat correctly as in their original state.

NOTE: Mobi pen rocker switches are not a separate item to replace. the entire pen must be replaced if it is under warranty.
             Mobi pen stylus tips can by replaced by contacting eInstruction Technical Support. 

Pen jitter

If a the pen is jittering or behaving erratically, please contact eInstruction Technical Support for troubleshooting assistance.

Mobi Failure

If you have attempted all troubleshooting steps and cannot get the Mobi itself to function (even if the pen works with another Mobi) please contact eInstruction Technical Support for further assistance.

Contact Information for eInstruction Technical Support:

If you need further assistance with eInstruction products, please visit our website at or call us at 888-333-4988 to speak with a technical support representative.

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